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WRS Poster Awards

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​​Every year, graduate students past their candidacy examinations present their work during the Winter Research Symposium, either with an invited talk or with a poster. A committee chooses the best two posters of the year for an award: the winners are rewarded with a travel allowance and their work is displayed in the Ewing Hall first floor expositor.


2020. Rayanne Luke and Nick Russell

2019. Hasan Eruslu and Shukai Du. An additional award went to Rayanne Luke.

2018. Hua Chen and  Kristopher Hollingsworth. Emma Pollard and Sam Cogar won the runner-up prizes.

2017. Zach Bailey and Irene De Teresa.Two additional awards (a gift in memory of Elena Gonzalez) went to Chuan Bi and Seth Cowall.

2016. Tonatiuh Sanchez-Vizuet  and Lan Zhong. Two additional awards (a gift in memory of Elena Gonzalez) went to Matt McGinnis and Klajdi Qirko.

2015. Ryan Evans  and Jake Rezac . The runner ups, Irene de Teresa and Matt Hassell, got a gift card.

2014. Shixu Meng  and Tianyu Qiu​​ .

2013. Chris Castillo  and Isaac Harris . An additional award (a gift by George Hsiao) was given to Yu Sun.

2012. Nick Brubaker  and Wiseley Wong.

2018 Winning Posters

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WRS Poster Awards
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WRS Poster Awards
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