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WRS Poster Awards

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​​Every year, graduate students past their candidacy examinations present their work during the Winter Research Symposium, either with an invited talk or with a poster. A committee chooses the best two posters of the year for an award: the winners are rewarded with a travel allowance and their work is displayed in the Ewing Hall first floor expositor.


2018. Hua Chen and  Kristopher Hollingsworth. Emma Pollard and Sam Cogar won the runner-up prizes.

2017. Zach Bailey and Irene De Teresa.Two additional awards (a gift in memory of Elena Gonzalez) went to Chuan Bi and Seth Cowall.

2016. Tonatiuh Sanchez-Vizuet  and Lan Zhong. Two additional awards (a gift in memory of Elena Gonzalez) went to Matt McGinnis and Klajdi Qirko.

2015. Ryan Evans  and Jake Rezac . The runner ups, Irene de Teresa and Matt Hassell, got a gift card.

2014. Shixu Meng  and Tianyu Qiu​​ .

2013. Chris Castillo  and Isaac Harris . An additional award (a gift by George Hsiao) was given to Yu Sun.

2012. Nick Brubaker  and Wiseley Wong.

2018 Winning Posters
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WRS Poster Awards
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WRS Poster Awards
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