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Technical and Integrative Electives

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Technical Electives

Department of Animal and Food Science

  ANFS470 Principles of Molecular Genetics

  ANFS644 Bioinformatics

Department of Biological Sciences

  BISC605 Advanced Mammalian Physiology

  BISC612 Advanced Cell Biology

  BISC435 Population Ecology

  BISC643 Biological Data Analysis

  BISC645 Bacterial Evolution

  BISC654 Biochemical Genetics

  BISC656 Evolutionary Genetics

  BISC665 Advanced Molecular Biology & Genetics

  BISC693 Human Genetics

Department of Chemical Engineering

  CHEG420 Biochemical Engineering

  CHEG621 Metabolic Engineering

  CHEG650 Biomedical Engineering I

Department of Chemistry

  CHEM418 Introductory Physical Chemistry I /   CHEM419 Introductory Physical Chemistry

  CHEM443 Physical Chemistry I / CHEM444 Physical Chemistry II

  CHEM623 Chemometrics

  CHEM642 Biochemistry

  CHEM643 Intermediate Metabolism

  CHEM644 Mechanisms of Enzyme Catalysis

  CHEM645 Protein Structure and Function

  CHEM646 DNA-Protein Interactions

Department of Computer and Information Sciences

  CISC320 Introduction to Algorithms

  CISC436 Introduction to Bioinformatics

  CISC440 Computer Graphics

  CISC449 Topics in Computer Applications

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

  ELEG475 Image Processing with Biomedical Applications

  ELEG478 Introduction to Nano and Biophotonics

Department of Food and Resource Economics

  STAT408 Statistical Research Methods I

  STAT409 Regression and Experimental Design

  STAT418 Sampling Methods

  STAT420 Data Analysis and Nonparametric Statistics

Department of Mathematical Sciences

  MATH428 Algorithmic and Numerical Solution of Differential Equations

  MATH503 Advanced Calculus for Applications

  MATH508 Introduction to Complex Variables and Applications

  MATH512 Contemporary Applications of Mathematics

  MATH529 Fundamentals of Optimization

  MATH616 Introduction to Applied Mathematics I /   MATH617 Introduction to Applied Mathematics II

Department of Mechanical Engineering

  MEEG486 Cell and Tissue Transport

  MEEG612 Biomechanics of Human Movement

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Technical and Integrative Electives
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Technical and Integrative Electives
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