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Placement Goal

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What is my math placement goal?

​​Almost all majors require at least one math course.  Entry-level math courses require a certain math placement score in order to enroll.   

Associated Math Course(s)Minimum Score Required on Math Placement
Math 010:  Intermediate Algebra (non-college credit) or
Math 113: Contemporary Mathematics
Less then 45
Math 114:  College Mathematics and Statistics45 - 59
Math 115: Precalculus60-64
Math 117: Precalculus for Scientists and Engineers or
Math 231: Integrated Calculus IA
​Math 221: Calculus I​70-74
​Math 241: Analytic Geometry and Calculus A​75 or better

To determine the score and entry math course needed for your major, know your major and your college.  Once you have this information, go to the following link:

 Math Placement goal by college and major

Your math placement goal is to strive for the score associated with the entry-level math course required for your major. However, if (after several attempts) you cannot achieve the score needed to enroll, discuss your options with your adviser during New Student Orientation or when you have your next appointment.  

It is important not to enroll in a math course for which you are not prepared.  So, if you cannot comfortably achieve the preferred score, aim for the score associated with an "acceptable course".  Do the best you can recognizing it is best to enroll in an appropriate math course aligned with your skills.    

(If you score higher than the score needed for a particular math course, you can still enroll in that course. For example, you can enroll in Math 114 College Math and Statistics if your score is 70.)  

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Placement Goal
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