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Placement Goal

What do I need for my major?


These are some general guidelines that will assist in determining your placement goal. This is not a complete list of al 152 major program and associated math requirements - please go here to find a complete listing of requirements for your major.

General Guidelines: revisions to this information may occur


​​College or MajorScore on Placement​Associated Level​Math Course Titles - Advisor will explain which course is best​
  • College of Engineering: all majors
  • Environmental studies, Life and Health Sciences, Physical and Applied Sciences
  • College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment: All BS programs
  • College of Arts and Sciences: Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Physics & Astronomy, Actuarial Science, Biochemistry, Pharmacy interest
  • College of Agriculture and Natural Resources: Statistics
​75 or better​C​Math 241: Analytic Geometry and Calculus A
  • ​All Lerner College majors except for BA in Economics and Economics Education, and BS in Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Management
  • College of Education and human Development: Elementary Education - Middle School Math
  • College of Agricultural and Natural Resources: Animal Science, Environmental and Resource Economics, Food Agribusiness Marketing and Management, Food Science, Natural Resource Management, Pre-Vet
  • College of Health Sciences: Nutritional Sciences, Occupational Therapy, Exercise Science
​70 or better​B, C​Math 221: Calculus Ior Math 241
  • ​College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment: All BA programs
  • College of Agricultural and Natural Resources: Agriculture and Natural Resources, Insect Ecology and Conservation, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation
  • College of Health Sciences: Athletic Training, Medical Lab & Diagnostics​ interest
  • College of Arts and Sciences: Neuroscience
​60 or better​P, S, B, C​Math 115: Precalculusor Math 221 or Math 241
  • College of Arts and Sciences: All Arts and Humanities majors
  • College of Education and Human Development: All majors (except for Middle School Mathematics)
  • College of Agriculture and Natural Resources: Landscape Horticulture and Design, Plant Science
  • College of Health Sciences: Health Behavior Science, Applied Nutrition (including students interested in the Dietetics major)
  • Lerner College: Economics BA, Economics Education; Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Management, BS​
​45 or better​M, P, S, B, C​Math 114: College Mathematics and Statisticsor Math 115 or Math 221 or Math 241

​Once you know the required math course for your major, use the following chart to determine the placement level.

​​CourseTitle​Placement Levels Required for Enrollment​
​Math 010​Intermediate Algebra (Remedial, non-credit)​G, M, P, S, B, C
​Math 113​Contemporary Mathematics​G, M, P, S, B, C
​Math 114​College Mathematics and Statistics​M, P, S, B, C
​Math 115​Precalculus​P, S, B, C
​Math 117Precalculus for Scientists and Engineers​​S, B, C
​Math 221​Calculus I​B, C
​Math 241​Analytic Geometry and Calculus A​C

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Placement Goal
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