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Past Problems

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The following problems give an indication of the problems brought to previous workshops (a short description of these problems is available upon request):

  • Dynamics of Automotive Catalytic Converters, Allied Signal.
  • Micro-Mechanical Squeeze Bearing Conveyor, IBM.
  • Pressure Drops in Semi-Rigid Gels, Biogen.
  • MEMS Diffraction Grating, Interscience, Inc.
  • Flexible Cable Loop Modeling, IBM.
  • Modal Excitation of Optical Fibers, Corning.
  • Flow of a Shear-Thinning Fluid During Extrusion, Corning.
  • Predictive Models for Financial Businesses, Citibank.
  • The Optimization of a Flexible Cable, IBM
  • Bond Default Correlation, Merrill Lynch
  • Gas Concentration Measurements in Underground Waste Storage Tanks, Pacific Northwest National Lab
  • Kinetic Modeling of Multicomponent Electrotwinning, Los Alamos National Lab
  • Gas Jet Cleaning of Filters, Pall
  • Cracks in Laser and Arc Welds, Rockwell
  • Uncertainty in the Solution of Porous Media Flow Models, Golder Associates
  • Reducing the Cost of Monte Carlo Analysis of Well-Logging Data, Chevron Petroleum
  • Sintering of Non-Uniform Porous Materials, Corning
  • Forces in Two-Phase Annular Flows, Knolls Atomic Power Lab
  • Mathematical Modeling of the Head/Disk Interface in Disk Drives, IBM
  • Optimizing Membrane Separations of Two-Component Protein Solutions, Genentech
  • Crack Front Marking in Ceramic Fracture Tests, Pall
  • Pore Size Distribution from Bubble Flow Data, Pall
  • Thermomechanical Models of Air Gap Nucleation During Solidification, Alcoa
  • Vapor and Liquid Flow Analysis in Packed Columns, BOC Gases
  • Particle Deposition on a Loaded Fiber, Donaldson
  • Reverse Pumping in a Rotary Lip Seal with Microundulations, Rockwell

These problems represent but a small sample of problems discussed at our workshops. The mathematical techniques used to solve these and other problems at the workshop include mathematical modeling, nonlinear analysis, numerical analysis and computation, and optimization.

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Past Problems
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Past Problems
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