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University Awards


Alison Faculty Award for Eminence in Research plus Outstanding Teaching

The Francis Alison Faculty Award is the University's highest competitive award for faculty. The award, which was established by the Trustees of the University, is to be given each year to a faculty member of the University of Delaware who has made notable contributions to his or her field of study. Awarded since 1979, nominaations come from faculty.


  • ​George C. Hsiao, 2000

Excellence in Teaching Award

Faculty members and graduate students are nominated based on their commitment to teaching and to their students, their ability to inspire students to excel academically, as well as the rigor of their courses and their enthusiasm for teaching them. Awardees are selected by the University Faculty Senate's Committee on Student and Faculty Honors. Awarded since 1954, nominations by students and alumni are especially important.


  • Russel Remage Jr., 1962
  • Georgia B. Pyrros, 1990
  • John Bergman, 1997
  • Georgia B. Pyrros, 2001
  • Robert S. Coulter, 2011
Teaching Assistants:
  • John Avioli, 1971
  • Ann Post, 1973
  • Robert F. Chandler, 1974
  • Joan C. Wyzkoski, 1975
  • Donald Telage, 1976
  • Allan G. Dallas, 1977
  • Richard Weida, 1985
  • Oluwafemi Opeyemi, 2004
  • Rodrigo Platte, 2004
  • Jon R. Beckham, 2007
  • Hasan H. Eruslu, 2018
  • Navid Mirzaei, 2019

Excellence in Undergraduate Advising and Mentoring

Faculty members are nominated by demonstrating knowledge of the University's programs, being proactive in maintaining contact with their advisees, effectively communicating with students, and encouraging student growth. Awardees are selected by the University Faculty Senate's Committee on Student and Faculty Honors. Awarded since 1988, nominations by students and alumni are especially important.


  • ​Georgia B. Pyrros, 1992
  • Georgia B. Pyrros, 2006​

College of Arts & Sciences Awards

All CAS awards have been awarded since 1996, with nominations coming directly from the Chair of the Department.

CAS Advisement Award:

  • Alfinio Flores, 2011

CAS Service Award:

  • Anthony Seraphin, 2008
  • Richard Braun, 2019

CAS Scholarship Award:

  • ​George C. Hsiao, 2000
  • Richard J. Braun, 2013
  • Tobin A. Driscoll, 2014
  • Jinfa Cai, 2017

CAS Teaching Award:

  • ​George C. Hsiao, 1996
  • John A. Pelesko, 2006
  • Cristina Bacuta, 2012
  • Dawn Berk, Bettyann Daley and Tammy Rossi, 2016 (joint team award)

Department Awards

G. Cuthbert Webber Award

​​The Webber Award is given in memory of Dr. G. Cuthbert Webber, Professor of Mathematics, University of Delaware (1937-1981). The award consisting of a plaque and a financial gift is presented to a member of the University community or a mathematics educator in the State of Delaware for distinguished service in advancing mathematics education.


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