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Transfer of Credit for Math Majors

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In addition to the general policies regarding Transfer of Credit in the UD catalog, math majors are also governed by the following policy on transfer of credit of upper division math courses. 

For math majors, transfer of credit of upper level math courses (Math 300+) is rarely granted and only in situations beyond the control of the student. In such situations, math majors may transfer at most two upper-level mathematics courses towards the requirements of their degree. Such students must petition the director of the undergraduate program of the UD math department and submit a completed Transfer of Credit Request Form. Courses only from departments offering a Master's or a PhD degree in Mathematics will be considered. Courses from departments offering a Masters or a PhD in Mathematics Education but not in Mathematics do not qualify.

Last modified on January 21, 2016 by the UG committee.​

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Transfer of Credit for Math Majors
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Transfer of Credit for Math Majors
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