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Courses & Placement

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Normal Course Offerings

​​Fall ​Semester​Spring Semester
​M010, M113, M114, M115, M117
​M201, M202, M205, M201, M221, M222, M230, M241, M242, M243, M245, M251, M252, M253​M260, M279
​M379, M380​M302, M341, M342, M349, M350, M351, M352, M353​M305, M308, M315, M382
​M426, M451, M460​M450​​M401, M428**
​M503, M512​, M518, M530, M540​M508, M5​29, M535, M549

*Not offered every Spring

Course offerings may vary from year to year depending on enrollment and other factors. Check with the corresponding department for actual offering before registering for courses.

Prerequisites & Corequisites

​​MATH CoursesPrerequisitesCorequisite​
​MATH201​College Algebra
​MATH210​NONE​MATH221 or MATH241 or MATH242
​MATH254​MATH242 & MATH210
​MATH349​MATH230 or MATH242
​MATH350​MATH210 or MATH230​MATH243
​MATH426​MATH349 or MATH341 or MATH351, & CISC**
​MATH450​MATH350 or equivalent
​MATH451​MATH245 & MATH349
​MATH460​CHEM527, MATH535, & 1 of BISC302, BISC305, BISC306, BISC401, or BISC403
​MATH503​300 or higher level course on differential equations
​MATH512​300 or higher level course on differential equations
​MATH518​MATH243 & MATH350
​MATH530​MATH302, MATH349, ECON301, & ECON 303
​MATH535​MATH302 or MATH342 or MATH 352
​Other Courses
​BISC207​NONE​CHEM103 or CHEM111
​BISC208​BISC207CHEM​104 or CHEM112
​BISC305​BISC208 & CHEM104
​BISC306​BISC208 & 2 semesters of chemistry
​BISC401​BISC207 & 1 semester of organic chemsitry
​BISC403BISC207 & 1 semester of organic chemistry​
​BISC315​BISC208, BISC305, & CHEM104
​BISC316​BISC208, BISC306, & CHEM104
​BISC411​BISC208, BISC401, & CHEM104
​BISC413​BISC208, BISC401, & CHEM321
​CHEM103​1 year of high school chemistry
​CHEM111​1 year of high school chemsitry​CHEM119
​CHEM112​CHEM103 or CHEM111​CHEM120
​CHEM119​1 year of high school chemsitry​CHEM111
​CHEM120​CHEM104 or CHEM111 & CHEM119​CHEM112
​CHEM527​CHEM321, CHEM322 recommended
​CISC106​MATH course
​CISC181​CISC106, MATH241
​ECON151​MATH course
​ECON301​ECON152 & MATH241
​ECON302​ECON152 or permission of instructor
​ECON303​ECON152 or permission of instructor
​ECON406​ECON302, MATH241, & MATH202 or MATH450
​ECON422​ECON152, MATH241, & MATH202 or MATH450
​ECON426​ECON301 & MATH241
​ECON443​ECON301, ECON303, & ACCT207
​STAT470​MATH22 or MATH242
​STAT471​MATH222 or MATH242
​STAT621​Permission of instructor
​Permission of instructor​

**The CISC prerequisite for MATH426 is a course which includes a programming language such as CISC105, 106, 120, or 181. CISC106 should be taken in the spring semester. CISC106 is reserved for engineering majors in the Fall.

Standalone Honors Sections

​Math 242 (calculus B) - Every Fall semester
Math 243 (calculus C) - Every Spring semester
Math 349 (linear algebra) - Every Fall semester
Math 426 (numerical linear algebra) - Fall semester in odd numbered years (2013, 2015 ...)
Math 503 (advanced calculus) - Fall semester in even numbered years (2014, 2016 ...)
Math 508 (complex analysis) - Spring semester in odd numbered years (2015, 2017 ...)
Math 535 (partial differential equations) - Every spring semester

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Courses & Placement
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