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Courses & Placement

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Normal Course Offerings

Fall Semester
​Spring Semester
​​M010, M113, M114, M115, M117​​M010, M113, M114, M115, M117
​M205, M210, ​M217, M221, M230, M231, M241, M242, M243, M245, M279​​M205, M210, M221, M222*, ​M230, ​M232, M241, M242, M243, M245, M260
​M302, M342, M349, M350, M351, M352, M353, M380​​M302, ​M305, M308, M315, M342, M349, M350, M351, M352, M353, ​M379, M382
​​M426, M450, M451, M460​​M401, M428, M450​
​​M503, M508, M512​, M518, M530, M540​​M508, M5​29, M535, M549

*Not offered every Spring

Course offerings may vary from year to year depending on enrollment and other factors. 

Prerequisites & Corequisites

​​MATH CoursesPrerequisitesCorequisite​
​MATH205​MATH210 or MATH230
​MATH210​NONE​MATH232 or MATH241 or MATH242
​MATH221​MATH115 or MATH117
​MATH222​MATH221 or MATH241
​MATH231​MATH010 with minimum of C-
​MATH210 & MATH242
​MATH260​Permission of Instructor
​MATH279​MATH117 or MATH241
​MATH302​MATH242 & MATH349
​MATH305​MATH242 & CISC106
​MATH349​MATH230 or MATH242
​MATH353​MATH351 & CISC106
​See Catalog
​MATH305 or MATH349 or MATH351
​MATH353 or MATH426 or CISC410
​MATH450​MATH350 or equivalent
​MATH245 & MATH349
​MATH460One of BISC302, BISC305, BISC306, BISC401, or BISC403
​MATH503​ 300 or higher level course on differential equations & linear algebra
​MATH512​300 or higher level course on differential equations
​MATH518​MATH243 & MATH349 or MATH350
​MATH529​MATH243 & MATH349
​MATH530​MATH302, MATH349, ECON301 & ECON303
​MATH535​MATH302 or MATH305 or MATH342 or MATH352
MATH549​MATH349 or MATH351

Standalone Honors Sections

​Math 242 (calculus B) - Every Fall semester
Math 243 (calculus C) - Every Spring semester
Math 349 (linear algebra) - Every Fall semester
Math 426 (numerical linear algebra) - Fall semester in odd numbered years (2013, 2015 ...)
Math 503 (advanced calculus) - Fall semester in even numbered years (2014, 2016 ...)
Math 508 (complex analysis) - Spring semester in odd numbered years (2015, 2017 ...)
Math 535 (partial differential equations) - Every spring semester

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Course Offerings
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Courses & Placement
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