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The MPI Workshop is a lively, 5-day interaction on the problems of interest to science and industry. On the first day, the industry representatives present their problems to the whole group. These problems vary widely in nature from those requiring basic physical modeling to those requiring significant computation (a partial list of problems brought to previous workshops is included in this site). For the rest of the week, the workshop participants break up into small working groups consisting of senior faculty and attending scientists, graduate students, and the industrial representatives, to discuss and tackle the problems in an informal setting. On the last day of the workshop, an academic representative from each group presents the results obtained and discusses possible future directions. A written report detailing the progress made during the workshop is prepared subsequently and sent to the industry representatives. The format of the workshop is not strict and s​ome variation is possible. The MPI Organizing Committee is committed to working with representatives from industry to meet their needs and we are especially interested in encouraging new contacts with industry while maintaining existing ones.

See some testimonials​ from previous industrial participants.​​

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