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Ways you can help


You can help us in our work by supporting a number of aspects of our projects.

  • Undergraduate student research assistant stipends and/or travel expenses for the summer or during the academic year. These special formative experiences can help students greatly with their future careers. For example, so far two student researchers in the tear film group have gone on to graduate study in optometry.
  • Graduate student research assistant stipends and/or travel expenses. These experiences are just as important for our MS and PhD students as well. A semester or year as a research assistant that would not otherwise be available can be an incredible boost for a student's career.
  • Expenses for collaboration such as travel for senior team members to workshops or meetings, expenses for visitors to present their research and meet with CAMM members, or supplies to back up critical data. For example, we add new team members that may not be on a grant that we have for the project; new members may add critical expertise that makes the difference to having a significant result that changes treatments. Another example could be that we don't want to rely on the cloud to store patient data, even if it is anonymous.

Your help would be greatly appreciated! A donation to CAMM may be made using your credit card. Be sure to select Other, and in the comment box, specify the Center for Applications of Mathematics in Medicine in the Department of Mathematical Sciences. If desired, specificy any project or activity that you wish to support.​

For the most up-to-date info on CAMM, please go to

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Support CAMM
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  • Phone: 302-831-2653