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News UD Math Modelers Rock!

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Andrea Carosso, Joe Brosch, and Dylan Spence (left to right) working on a practice problem.

Two teams of undergraduates recently competed in the 2014 Mathematical Competition in Modeling (MCM), which according to the website "challenges teams of students to clarify, analyze, and propose solutions to open-ended problems". UD Team One (#31116) consisting of Joe Brosch (Math + Physics), Andrea Carosso (Physics + Philosophy), Dylan Spence (Math + Physics) earned a Finalist (top 2%) designation. The Finalist designation puts UD Team One in the top 12 teams worldwide who attempted Problem A (Quantitative analysis of the keep-right-except-to-pass rule). Roughly 4000 teams attempted Problem A, but only 12 were ranked Outstanding or Finalist. Of these 12, only 2 teams were from the United States, and ours was one of them. (Tufts was the other.) We truly have one of the best undergraduate programs in the country and in the world. Team One applied their knowledge of modeling, fluids, statistical mechanics and good ol' fashioned calculus to find the grand canonical partition function for vehicular travel. From there, they prove that the keep-right-except-to-pass rule offers better flow than not having the rule as long as there are fewer than 20 travel lanes.


Dr. Fok, Ryan McKenna, and Laura Motorolis (left to right) working on a practice problem. Laura ended up not competing.

UD Team A (#31118) consisting of Ryan McKenna (Math + Computer Science), Matt Moye (QBio) and Chris Falco (Engg) earned a Successful designation for their efforts on Problem A. UD Team A proposed an individual-based model and then explored it computationally.

The full press release is at

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UD Undergraduates Earn Finalist Position in 2014 MCM.
UD Undergraduates earna finalist position in the 2014 MCM using a novel approach centered on Statistical Physics.
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UD Math Modelers Rock!
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