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Mathematical Sciences welcomes four new temporary Assistant Professors for 2020-21.

Chris Cox is returning to UD for his second stint as a temporary Assistant Professor.  After earning his BA from Williams College and his MS from Northwestern, Dr. Cox worked as a faculty member at Illinois Central College from 1998 to 2011.  He then entered the doctoral program in Mathematics at Washington University in St. Louis, where he studied dynamical systems and earned his PhD in 2016.  After a year as a Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow at Washington University, he came to UD for a year as a temporary Assistant Professor and then went to Tarleton State University, where he taught for the past two years.  In Fall 2020, he will be teaching Math 230 and Math 243.

Originally from Nepal, where he earned an MA in Mathematics, Min Ranabhat came to the US in 2014 and earned an MS in Applied Mathematics from the University of Alabama--Birmingham.  In 2020, he earned his PhD in Mathematics from Kansas State University, obtaining a Graduate Certificate in Applied Mathematics in the process.  His dissertation research focused on inequalities in PDEs, specifically on the Poincaré and Sobolev inequalities in the Monge-Ampére quasi-metric structure.  During his graduate studies, Dr. Ranabhat taught numerous courses: precalculus, calculus and linear algebra, elementary differential equations, and introductory statistics.  He has experience as a course coordinator, and he is now looking to start a teaching-oriented career. His initial assignment is Math 114.

Gangotryi Sorcar earned her BSc and MS in Mathematics in her home country of India, after which she came to the US to pursue doctoral studies at SUNY-Binghamton, where she earned her PhD in 2015.  Her doctoral research focused on differential topology and geometry.  After earning her degree, Dr. Sorcar spent three years at the Ohio State University as Ross Assistant Professor, and she then spent the past two years as a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Einstein Institute of Mathematics at Hebrew University of Jerusalem.  In past positions, she has taught calculus and linear algebra repeatedly, and has also taught courses on the geometry of curves and surfaces and on general topology and knot theory. Her initial assignment at UD consists of Math 241 and Math 349.

Alfredo Vllanueva earned his BSc at the University of San Marcos in Peru, his MS in Mathematics from the University of Puerto Rico, and then his PhD, also in Mathematics, from the University of Iowa.  His doctoral studies, completed in 2007, focused on differential geometry and differential equations.  Since earning his PhD. Dr. Villanueva has held faculty positions at the University of Puerto Rico, Savannah State University, and the University of Saint Francis.  He has taught numerous college mathematics courses, ranging from college algebra and quantitative reasoning to abstract algebra and advanced calculus, plus differential manifolds and differential geometry at the graduate level.  At UD, his initial assignment consists of Math 113 and Math 351.

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Mathematical Sciences welcomes four new temporary Assistant Professors for 2020-21.

​Mathematical Sciences welcomes four new temporary Assistant Professors for 2020-21.

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New Temporary Faculty Members
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New Temporary Faculty Members
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