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Inverse Problems and Analysis

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Want to suggest a speaker? Send an email to Mahya Ghandehari.

Seminars will be held online on Fridays from 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm.



Gary Weiss, University of CincinnatiGary Weiss, University of CincinnatiZoomTitle: Universal block tridiagonalization in B(H) and beyond <br> Abstract: We prove every B(H) operator on a separable infinite dimensional complex Hilbert space has a basis for which its matrix is finite block tridiagonal, each with the same fixed precise block sizes given in a simple exponential form. An extension to unbounded operators occurs when a certain domain of definition condition is satisfied. And an extension to finite collections of operators holds, each finite collection with the same block sizes of larger exponential growth depending on the number of operators. In this lecture we describe a commutator problem from where and to which these ideas evolved. <br>10/2/2020 5:15:00 PM10/2/2020 6:15:00 PMFalse
Mokshay Madiman, University of DelawareMokshay Madiman, University of DelawareZoom Title: TBA <br> Abstract: TBA10/9/2020 5:30:00 PM10/9/2020 6:30:00 PMFalse
Kelly Bickel, Bucknell University Kelly Bickel, Bucknell University Zoom Title: TBA <br> Abstract: TBA10/23/2020 5:30:00 PM10/23/2020 6:30:00 PMFalse
Prof. Ben Hayes, University of VirginiaProf. Ben Hayes, University of VirginiaZoom<br>Title: TBA <br> <br>Abstract: TBA <br>10/30/2020 5:30:00 PM10/30/2020 6:30:00 PMFalse

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Inverse Problems and Analysis
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Inverse Problems and Analysis
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