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Jamie Sutherland has received this year’s College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) award

Jamie Sutherland, assistant professor of mathematical sciences, has received this year's College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) award for excellence in advisement.

He is among eight CAS faculty members to be honored in 2019-20 for outstanding achievement in a variety of categories.

Over the past few weeks, CAS Dean John A. Pelesko surprised each of the honorees with a virtual visit during an online class or event to announce and present the award.

Following are more details about Sutherland and the tribute Pelesko offered.

Sutherland has served as the Department of Mathematical Sciences' curricular adviser for the last seven years, meeting the needs of all math majors, spanning seven academic programs with skill, dedication and compassion.

Beyond the amazing work he has done for hundreds of students, his work within his professional community achieved national recognition in 2015. He takes considerable care and utilizes his deep understanding of University policies and courses to provide comprehensive advisement to all students who seek his help.

Sutherland's comprehensive approach to student advisement has inspired him to bring best practices and new ideas to his advisement role. His most recent endeavor has been introducing a peer mentoring pilot program called Math Majors Mentoring Math Majors (MMMMM). 

Sutherland is a vibrant presence in the math department and within the college. He is known for being knowledgeable and fair with all his students and very generous with his time.

In short, his work for and with students has been exemplary and is most deserving of this distinguished honor.

"As an adviser, I care deeply about the success of all of my students," Sutherland said. "I like to share in the celebration of their successes, both big and small. And I will console their losses too. But if I've done my job well, then I cannot take any credit for any of these achievements. What I can do is help to ensure that the system is working for them and not against them, that they have access to the resources they need and that they have the opportunity to find meaning in the work they do in college and beyond."

About the awards

Throughout the college, eight faculty members were honored this year.

Award winners, in addition to Sutherland, were Persephone Braham, associate professor of languages, literatures and cultures, also for excellence in advisement; Jill Flynn, professor of English education, and Oyenike Olabisi, both for excellence in advocacy; J. Ritchie Garrison, professor emeritus of history, excellence in mentoring; Kristen Poole, Ned B. Allen Professor of English, excellence in scholarship; James Angelini, associate professor of communication, excellence in service; and Jessica Edwards, associate professor of English, excellence in teaching.

The honorees were selected by the College's Faculty Awards Committee, chaired by Lawrence G. Duggan, professor of history, with members Richard Cunningham, professor of theater, Alenka  Hlousek-Radojcic, associate professor of biological sciences, Gladys Ilarregui, associate professor of languages, literatures and cultures, and Brenda Shaffer, instructor in fashion and apparel studies.


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Jamie Sutherland has received this year’s College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) award

Jamie Sutherland has received this year’s College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) award 

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