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Graduate Student Mathematical Modeling Camp

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Fifteenth Annual Camp: June 12-15, 2019

​The GSMM Camp is a weeklong workshop directed towards interdisciplinary problem solving whose aim is graduate student education and career development. The GSMM Camp is designed to promoted a broad range of problem-solving skills, including mathematical modeling and analysis, scientific computation, and critical assessment of solutions. The mathematical problems considered at the Camp are highly interdisciplinary in nature and are inspired by real problems that arise in industrial applications. Graduate students work on the problems in teams, guided by an invited faculty mentor, so that scientific communication is an important and integral component of the work. As a result, the GSMM Camp exposes graduate students to real-world problems of current scientific interest, and provides a valuable educational and career-enhancing experience outside of the traditional academic setting.

The GSMM Camp operates hand in hand with the annual Mathematical Problems in Industry Workshop, this year to be held at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. The Camp runs during the week prior to the Workshop and the students and mentors are encouraged to attend the Workshop as well. Thus, the GSMM Camp provides an additional problem-solving experience for graduate students as a warm-up prior to the Workshop. 

Further information about the Camp is available by clicking on the GSMMC 2019 Links at left. In particular, there is information for interested students and their faculty advisors, and application information for students to apply to the program. 


GSMMC 2019 is grateful for the support provided by the National Science Foundation through the Division of Mathematical Sciences’ Infrastructure Program. GSMMC 2019 is also supported by the Institute for Mathematics and its Applications (IMA) through its PI Conference Program. Participating IMA Institution Members may use IMA/PI funds to support personnel's travel to this conference.

Additional funding has been provided by the Department of Mathematical Sciences, the College of Arts and Sciences, and the Provost's Office at the University of Delaware.

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