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Sample Curriculum (with Math 241)

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​Fall Semester​Cred. Hrs.​Spring Semester​Cred. Hrs.
​Freshman Year
MATH241 (or MATH242)​4​MATH242 (or MATH243​)​4
​MATH268/First Year Experience​1​MATH210​3
Group C​3Group C​3
Group A (Multicultural)​3​CISC181​3
​Sophomore Year
​MATH243(or Elective)​4​MATH302​3
​MATH245​3​MATH Elective-a​3
Group A
​3Group B​3
​Foreign Language 106​4​Foreign Language 107
​Junior Year
​MATH350​3​MATH Elective-a​3
​MATH Elective-a​3MATH/Science Elective-b​3​
MATH/Science Elective-b​3​MATH/Science Elective-b​3​
Group B​3​Elective​3​
​Senior Year
​MATH5123​MATH/Science Elective-b​3​
Science Lab Sequence​4Science Lab Sequence​4
MATH/Science Elective-b​3​Elective​3​
Total Credits= 125

a - Choose three out of the following six courses MATH315, MATH401, MATH426, MATH450, MATH451, MATH535
b -
15 additional credits in mathematics or in related disciplines at the 300 level or above. At least 6 of these additional credits have to be from Mathematical Sciences MATH courses. MATH308, MATH379, MATH380 and MATH382 are not applicable. A maximum of 9 credits may be chosen from an approved list of courses in Computer Science, Economics, Physics or Statistics. The approved list of outside courses is determined by the Department's Undergraduate Studies Committee.

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Sample Curriculum (with Math 241)
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