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Sample Curriculum (with Math 241)

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​Fall Semester​Cred. Hrs.​Spring Semester​Cred. Hrs.
​Freshman Year
MATH241 (or MATH242)​​4MATH242 (or MATH243)​4
MATH268/First Year Experience​1​MATH210​3
Group B​3​CISC181​3
Group A (Multicultural) ​3Group C​3
​Sophomore Year
​MATH243 (or Elective)​4​MATH302​3
Group B
​3Group C
​Elective​3​Foreign Language 107​4
​Foreign Language 106​4​Elective​3
​Junior Year
​MATH Elective​3​MATH Elective​3
MATH Elective​​3Elective​3​
Group B​3​Group A​3​
Group C​3​Elective​3​
​Senior Year
Group D (Lab Course)​4​Elective3​
Group A​​3​Elective​3
​Writing Course​3​Elective3​

Total credits = 124

At least 79 of these credits must be in courses not labeled MATH

Suggested Electives:

MATH 315, 426​428, 503, 508, 512, 518, 529, 530, 540, 611, 612, 630, 631


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Sample Curriculum (with Math 241)
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