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For Prospective Students

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Welcome Prospective Students !

The research of our faculty offers opportunity to work on interesting mathematical and scientifically challenging  problems and to obtain training that will prepare you both for career in academic institution or in industrial research environment. Broadly speaking the department has active research programs in Applied and Computational Mathematics, Analysis, Discrete Mathematics and Probability.  For more details please visit the departmental research pages which will also help you connect with relevant faculty members.

Our graduates have gone to research-oriented postdoctoral positions at institutions such as Oxford University, Caltech, MIT, NYU, UC Santa Barbara, the University of Arizona, and the University of Minnesota. After their postdoc positions, many of them continue to pursue academic careers and hold tenure-track/tenured positions in the US and around the world. Many of our graduates also have established very successful career paths in industry, government labs and research centers. They have taken positions in high Tech companies, such as Boeing, Merck, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, investment banks such as Barclays, JP Morgan Chase, Schonfeld Securities LLC, as well as in the government laboratories and research centers such as NIST, the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research, National Security Agency. Please visit webpages below, for relevant information on the application procedure of our graduate program.

If you are interested in visiting the campus and meeting with some of our faculty, please contact Ms. Daytonia Campbell. A great opportunity to see the research of our graduate students is the Winter Research Symposium that is held on the first Friday of Spring semester.

We are located centrally in the main campus of the University of Delaware in the city of Newark, Delaware, with easy access to Philadelphia, Baltimore and New York. The closest airport is Philadelphia International Airport. For further exploration, you can look at campus and local area maps, at Driving Directions, at UD housing options, and at the ​City/UD Town & Gown relationship. The department is primarily located in  Ewing Hall, where all faculty are located and you will share an office with other graduate students, and have your own workstation with fast internet access.

First Year

For incoming students our program provides activities that help them to succeed in the first-year course work, teaching assistant duties  and transition to a more research oriented mode of subsequent years, in particular:

  • In July the  incoming  students are invited to campus  for an orientation and review of key academic materials during the Review of Advanced Mathematical Problems (RAMP).
  • In August we require to complete the university and department training for teaching assistants
  • Foreign students are required to participate in the mandatory training offered by  the English Language Institute (ELI)  in the month before the Fall or Spring term in which the student begins study.  It is departmental policy that no foreign student be supported more than two semesters without being certified by ELI to have a sufficient command of English and teaching basics for classroom assignments. 
  • In January we offer a preparatory session for the required preliminary examinations.
  • In the summer after the first year, students are offered support for either independent study or in our collaborative summer research program Groups Exploring the Mathematical Sciences (GEMS).
  • In the first year, students get help applying for fellowships in a specially designed fall workshop. Students are invited to attend our Graduate Student Seminar series, and encouraged to attend some of the numerous research seminars and co​lloquia​​ held weekly.

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For Prospective Students
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For Prospective Students
  • Department of Mathematical Sciences
  • University of Delaware
  • 501 Ewing Hall
  • Newark, DE 19716, USA
  • Phone: 302-831-2653