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Why should I take this program seriously?

​"The math placement program is extremely important. It places you in the proper math class based on your current knowledge. The most important thing is not to cheat* on the test. If you cheat, you may be put into a higher level class than you belong in, and end up struggling all year. "Freshmen, Class of 2018

(*Never use another resource such as math answer programs or a calculator - you will compromise the integrity of your math profile!)​

Building an accurate math profile will ensure you have the appropriate math background to succeed in your math course.

  • Take this seriously and follow the rules! If you don't, you may not succeed or find you have to change your math course. Changing to another math course after the semester begins can be extremely difficult since (a) most math course enrollments will be filled (no seats are left); and (b) you probably will have missed a week or more of course content.
To enroll in a math course, you must obtain a certain threshold on your placement assessment. You cannot enroll in a math course if you have not obtained this threshold.
  • This will ensure you and all your classmates have the appropriate math background to succeed.

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