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Rules, Guidelines, and FAQ

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  • Every student must take the math placement assessment(s). This includes all transfer students and students with AP Calculus scores.  This includes students who have already taken Math 241, 242, 243 (or equivalents) at other institutions and are transferring these credits.
  • To register for a math​ course, you must attain the score threshold through this placement assessment(s). There are no exceptions.
  • A math course is required for graduation with few exceptions.
  • Failure to complete this process by the due date creates serious scheduling problems. (You will be building your course schedule during NSO or when meeting with your adviser. This cannot be completed if you have not finished the placement process.)
  • Using another resource is considered cheating and will compromise the accuracy of the result. This includes using notes, textbooks, math websites, any kind of calculators, and other people.
  • The Placement program is administered by ALEKS, Assessment and LEarning in Knowledge Spaces. This is a web-based, artificially intelligent assessment and learning system. Your ALEKS math placement account will be active for one year.
  • On average, each placement assessment attempt will take 2 hours but you have 3 hours to finish. If you do not finish on time, you will have to begin again.  Make sure you are using a computer; not an iPad, phone, or tablet. ALEKS provides technical requirements.
  • There are two mandatory requirements for accessing a second or third attempt on the math placement test.  You must wait 48 hours between attempts and you must review a certain number of hours before each attempt.  To take the second attempt, you must spend at least five hours reviewing in the Prep and Learning Module.  To take the third attempt, you must spend an additional ten hours (or more) in the Prep and Learning Module.
  • The math placement goal is determined by your major (information about this is provided later). You must attain this placement threshold or get as close as you can. This will ensure you can enroll in a pre-requisite course that will prepare you for your math course requirement.
  • Math course numbers do not reflect course sequencing - i.e. Math 114 does not prepare for Math 115. Talk to your adviser about the appropriate sequence of math courses you need to take for your major.





1. If I have a question about placement, should I call or should my parents call?<div class="ExternalClassB5981555B9B44306A9FEC20944C86BF3">Most questions are addresses in these web pages. If there is a question, the student should call.</div>
10. Why do I have to do this program, can't I just take my math course without it?<div class="ExternalClass5C82C6CEE77048FF83F051526724F573">High school course curriculums are not standardized making it difficult to determine what math skills have been learned. Additionally, many students (unfortunately) do not take an algebra-based math course in their senior year in high school. Therefore, the Math Placement Program provides you and your adviser with information about your current math skills.</div>
11. How much does this cost?<div class="ExternalClassCA5831F6507B404498728B25C3D09C9B">There is no cost when you access the ALEKS Math Placement Program when you are an incoming student. If you are not an incoming student, your cost depends on your student status. If you wish to modify your placement and you are an upperclassmen, you may have to pay a fee of $25. (Incoming students should note that you can avoid this fee if you complete the placement process during your NSO program.) If you are a non-traditional or continuing education student, you will have to pay this fee.</div>
12. How can I make sure the results are accurate?<div class="ExternalClass9B2B7EA0408B4385BA2791D008784EF8">Work by yourself and answer the questions carefully. You should have plenty of time to work through each problem. Take it seriously. Do not use a calculator or any other resource (such as textbooks or friends)-not following these instructions could result in enrolling in a course that is too difficult. If you do not take your time and just "blow it off", you could end up in a course that is non-credit or too easy. Then, you end up withdrawing from a course, spending thousands of dollars having to enroll in additional math courses, and taking courses during summer and winter sessions to "catch up". </div><div class="ExternalClass9B2B7EA0408B4385BA2791D008784EF8"><br></div><div class="ExternalClass9B2B7EA0408B4385BA2791D008784EF8">It is strongly urged that every student use all attempts to attain their placement goal. Not attaining your placement goal could mean you cannot enroll in the appropriate math courses for your major as well as several other courses that have math co-requisite requirements.</div>
13. What math courses are associated with the placement levels and what placement threshold is required for each level?<div class="ExternalClassDE1C5EA4391341EDB7A91927EA37B658">See the table at the end of this list of questions.</div>
14. Should I take multiple attempts even if I meet my placement goal?<div class="ExternalClassB5EC85DDC256457AACEFBE8D0E314605"><p> </p><p>YES. It is highly recommended that you use at least two attempts and spend time reviewing your math skills. Take all three attempts if needed. You must wait 48 hours between each assessment and you must spend five hours in the Prep and Learning module to access the second attempt and ten hours in the Prep and Learning module to access the third attempt. </p><p> </p><p>Do the best you can so your math profile accurately reflects your knowledge. Keep in mind that if you change your major (many students do), you may need to take a different math course and will be glad you spent the time trying your best. Make sure to do this prior to the due date.</p></div>
15. Should I review even if I have met my placement goal?<div class="ExternalClass4E69C2FCE92D424AAB06E098CA04E6D2"><p>YES. Take advantage of this opportunity to review important math skills! You have six months of access to this program and an opportunity to review important math skills prior to beginning your math course.     </p></div>
16. What if I do not place into the course I wanted?<div class="ExternalClass45938F3C4D2C41DD9C0D77438F77CC53">If, after the THREE assessments, you do not attain your placement goal, you should discuss your course options with your adviser. </div><div class="ExternalClass45938F3C4D2C41DD9C0D77438F77CC53"><br></div><div class="ExternalClass45938F3C4D2C41DD9C0D77438F77CC53">If you have not completed the three assessments, make sure you do so. Make every effort to attain your placement goal. Access to this placement process is only for six months.</div>
17. I did not place into the class I wanted. Can I take it anyway?<div class="ExternalClass38FBE095764A49A595D217315F1D9FFE">No, you must achieve the minimum placement level to take each corresponding course.</div>
18. Why am I placing into a course that I already took in high school?<div class="ExternalClass2BEA196192F64F2D9D3E572C3879C92D">Unforunately, math courses are not standardized so a course taken in high school may not cover the same topics or have the same level of expectation as a course with a similar title in college.</div>
19. What if I placed into the class I wanted and attained my Math Placement goal?<div class="ExternalClassE3F744FCF7934E00A48081015336FC79">Congratulations! Continue to use your Prep and Learning Module to improve your mathematics skills and understandings. Take advantage of the targeted review and learning features in ALEKS so you are better prepared for your math course.</div>
2. I am a transfer student who has already taken math courses. Do I need to take the test?<div class="ExternalClassDC9F6A5B635B488C83D7B3A606936804">Yes. Transfer students need to take the math placement exam and build a math profile.</div>
20. How valid is this assessment?<div class="ExternalClassAAD2035DC5AB4D8AB892C66A2FD11895">The ALEKS program has been used extensively with placement on college campuses. Their research indicates students perform best when they have been placed correctly. Our analysis also indicate ALEKS is accurately placing students in our math program.</div>
21. Where can I get help with ALEKS?<div class="ExternalClassAC015E6A977747CA8D2890569A0DFE8D"><a href="">​</a></div>
22. Can I practice using ALEKS before I begin placement?<div class="ExternalClassE00CB23CDD8C48FEB2D5C1517F88E0E5">ALEKS will begin with a brief tutorial before your placement begins.</div>
23. What is a “Prep and Learning Module” (remediation program) and which program should I choose?<div class="ExternalClass9E5AF8E66B0E4FBABFFB77755C13FFCB">Once you have taken a placement assessment and want to take another, you will need to access a "Prep and Learning Module" to review your skills prior to taking your second (or third) placement assessments. You are required to spend five hours in the review program before taking the second assessment and ten hours are required to access the third assessment. </div><div class="ExternalClass9E5AF8E66B0E4FBABFFB77755C13FFCB"><br></div><div class="ExternalClass9E5AF8E66B0E4FBABFFB77755C13FFCB">If you are thinking about taking Calculus, you should choose the “Prep and Learning Module for Calculus”. </div><div class="ExternalClass9E5AF8E66B0E4FBABFFB77755C13FFCB"><br></div><div class="ExternalClass9E5AF8E66B0E4FBABFFB77755C13FFCB">If you are taking Precalculus, choose the “Prep and Learning Module for Precalculus”. </div><div class="ExternalClass9E5AF8E66B0E4FBABFFB77755C13FFCB"><br></div><div class="ExternalClass9E5AF8E66B0E4FBABFFB77755C13FFCB">Please choose carefully since you CANNOT change your review module. </div><div class="ExternalClass9E5AF8E66B0E4FBABFFB77755C13FFCB"><br></div><div class="ExternalClass9E5AF8E66B0E4FBABFFB77755C13FFCB">Once you are in the module, do not focus on the “lower level” skills. You will progress faster if you choose review topics that are of a higher level. For instance, work on mastering the problems involving rational functions and exponential and logs and the trigonometry topics. Just working through “elementary” math topics may not necessarily result in a different placement score.</div>
24. How long do I have access to the ALEKS placement process?<div class="ExternalClass79B4C82F88B14C51ABFA5E393F0659F3"><p>Your math placement account will be active for one year from the time you set up your account.</p></div>
25. Is there an additional fee for my Prep and Learning Module?<div class="ExternalClassC414C2D22B21432DB808067E7CD009B6">Access to a Prep and Learning Module is included along with placement assessments.</div>
26. What are ALEKS Progress Assessments?<div class="ExternalClassF94E6A5B087A423492FC318760DE3773">While working in a Prep and Learning Module, you will periodically complete progress assessments to solidify your gains in knowledge. These assessments do not directly impact your placement score.</div>
27. Does progress in an ALEKS Prep and Learning Module count toward placement?<div class="ExternalClassE8AE00C930CF485DA43EF65D4EFD14C4">No, you must complete a new placement assessment to change your placement result. Click on the placement tab on the upper right of the page from within ALEKS. Only your placement assessment results will be used for course placement.</div>
28. How do I access the ALEKS math placement program?<div class="ExternalClassC99DC82240FC496E8267667C0A135740">All students should access the ALEKS placement program by going <a href="">here​</a>.</div>
29. Who do I contact if I am allowed exam accommodation due to a disability?<div class="ExternalClass0733229497944FD8A829AF89A9AF9457"><p>​Please contact Disability Support Services <a href=""></a> if you need a reasonable exam accommodation.  Disability Support Services (DSS) provides services to individuals with disabilities to ensure accessibility to university classes and programs. <br></p></div>
3. Do I have to take this placement assessment?<div class="ExternalClassFB83C7E7A4BF42BFB299C92DC4CE0368">All students are required to take the math placement test. This includes all students with an AP calculus score of 5 or students who are transferring math courses. This test provides valuable information about your math skills for placement purposes, to build your math profile, and for faculty planning. It also provides an opportunity to review math skills.</div>
4. What is the ALEKS program?<div class="ExternalClass147571DAB61B43489E03BE6A863DE0B3">The placement program is administered by ALEKS, Assessment and Learning in Knowledge Spaces. This is a web-based, artificially intelligent assessment and learning system. Computer requirements can be found <a href="">​here​</a>. Please contact ALEKS technical support for any technical or computer based questions. This program will provide all exam attempts and access to remediation program (called Prep and Learning Module). </div><div class="ExternalClass147571DAB61B43489E03BE6A863DE0B3">Once you have all the computer requirements, make sure you have a "solid" web connection and a computer. Do NOT take on an iPad, phone, or tablet or use a browser that is not on the recommended list - math notation may not appear correctly or your score might be compromised.</div>
5. When does this have to be completed (i.e. what is the deadline)?<div class="ExternalClass81D350F0B9624D71B3CBA1D5E7BB8092">Due dates are <a href="/courses-placement/ud-math-placement/due-dates">here​</a>.</div>
6. What if I don't finish by the deadline?<div class="ExternalClass7F1E0ED169294AD8AFD229CD19EE448B">You could seriously compromise your ability to register for your courses. In particular, you will not be able to enroll in the desired math course for your program. This could seriously impact registration in several other courses, some of which are closely tied to your progres towards completion of your degree. In addition, many math courses "close," meaning there are no seats left in the course. Therefore, you may find you cannot enroll in the course and section you desire.</div>
7. I have taken the math placement test once. Why won’t the program let me take another attempt?<div class="ExternalClass806F47A815384903BF339A2535FE64E8"><p>​There are two mandatory requirements to take a second or third math placement test.  You must wait 48 hours between each assessment and you must spend five hours in the Prep and Learning module to access the second attempt and ten hours in the Prep and Learning module to access the third attempt.  When you have satisfied these requirements, the program automatically allows access to a second or third attempt.  These requirements ensure students review math skills prior to taking another attempt.</p></div>
8. What is my placement goal?<div class="ExternalClassE97E7CDDCA244E1AAE0A9F94E7C9974E">Your placement goal is determined by your major. You cannot register for a particular math course unless you attain the appropriate placement threshold. Even after attaining this threshold, you should strive for as high a score as possible since this more accurately reflects your math profile.<a href="/courses-placement/ud-math-placement/placement-goal">Click here to determine your placement goal.​</a></div>
9. I am not taking any math courses. Should I still take the placement assessments?<div class="ExternalClassCB613206278149D59490F6C2C0EDD03A">Many students change majors and then regret not completing this process. You may even have to pay a fee to re-access this program. Every student is strongly urged to complete this process prior to NSO. If you do not complete this process to the best of your ability, you may end up having to enroll in a remedial, non-college credit math course if you change your major.</div>

What scores on the math placement exam are required to enroll in an entry-level math course?

​Math Courses and math placement score requirements:

​​CourseTitle​Minimum Placement Scores Required for Enrollment
​Math 010Intermediate Algebra (Remedial, Non Credit!)​​Less than 45
​Math 113​Contemporary Mathematics​Less than 45
​Math 114​College Mathematics and Statistics​45-59
​Math 115
​Math 117
​Precalculus for Scientists and Engineers​65-69
​Math 231
​Integrated Calculus IA
​Math 221​Calculus I​70-74
​Math 241​Analytic Geometry and Calculus A​75 or above

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Rules, Guidelines, and FAQ
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Rules, Guidelines, and FAQ
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