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Rules, Guidelines, and FAQ

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  • Every student must take the math placement assessment(s). This includes all transfer students and students with AP Calculus scores.  This includes students who have already taken Math 241, 242, 243 (or equivalents) at other institutions and are transferring these credits.
  • To register for a math​ course, you must attain the score threshold through this placement assessment(s). There are no exceptions.
  • A math course is required for graduation with few exceptions.
  • Failure to complete this process by the due date creates serious scheduling problems. (You will be building your course schedule during NSO or when meeting with your adviser. This cannot be completed if you have not finished the placement process.)
  • Using another resource is considered cheating and will compromise the accuracy of the result. This includes using notes, textbooks, math websites, any kind of calculators, and other people.
  • The Placement program is administered by ALEKS, Assessment and LEarning in Knowledge Spaces. This is a web-based, artificially intelligent assessment and learning system. Your ALEKS math placement account will be active for one year.
  • On average, each placement assessment attempt will take 2 hours but you have 3 hours to finish. If you do not finish on time, you will have to begin again.  Make sure you are using a computer; not an iPad, phone, or tablet. ALEKS provides technical requirements.
  • There are two mandatory requirements for accessing a second or third attempt on the math placement test.  You must wait 48 hours between attempts and you must review a certain number of hours before each attempt.  To take the second attempt, you must spend at least five hours reviewing in the Prep and Learning Module.  To take the third attempt, you must spend an additional ten hours (or more) in the Prep and Learning Module.
  • The math placement goal is determined by your major (information about this is provided later). You must attain this placement threshold or get as close as you can. This will ensure you can enroll in a pre-requisite course that will prepare you for your math course requirement.
  • Math course numbers do not reflect course sequencing - i.e. Math 114 does not prepare for Math 115. Talk to your adviser about the appropriate sequence of math courses you need to take for your major.





What scores on the math placement exam are required to enroll in an entry-level math course?

​Math Courses and math placement score requirements:

​​CourseTitle​Minimum Placement Scores Required for Enrollment
​Math 010Intermediate Algebra (Remedial, Non Credit!)​​Less than 45
​Math 113​Contemporary Mathematics​Less than 45
​Math 114​College Mathematics and Statistics​45-59
​Math 115
​Math 117
​Precalculus for Scientists and Engineers​65-69
​Math 231
​Integrated Calculus IA
​Math 221​Calculus I​70-74
​Math 241​Analytic Geometry and Calculus A​75 or above

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Rules, Guidelines, and FAQ
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Rules, Guidelines, and FAQ
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