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Due Dates

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All incoming new students (including transfer students) for the SPRING 2019 semester must complete the Math Placement process (all attempts) by JANUARY 31ST, 2019.   

If you do not complete the placement process (including remediation) by that date, you may not be able to enroll required classes (both math and science) which, in turn, may hinder you from completing your degree within the normal 4-year time frame.

​​Date of CompletionImplications to Math Course Enrollment
January 16, 2019Guaranteed placement in a math course. Guarantee is for incoming freshman only; all other students including upperclassmen and continuing education can enroll on a space-available basis only.
January 16th  until  February 22ndMath course enrollment on space-available basis ONLY. Seating is limited and enrollment in a particular math course may not be possible
After February 22nd
Placement score will advise summer or fall course enrollment

Incoming students for the FALL 2019 semester should not access the math placement program until beginning of April 2019.  

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Due Dates
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Due Dates
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