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Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions

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There is no instructor name for the course I want to take.<div class="ExternalClass7A397FD571994AF0B4A0F060CC230533">Instructors for certain classes (usually at the 100- and 200-level) are not determined until after the open registration period. Instructor names are continually added as permanent assignments are determined.</div>
The section I want is full.<div class="ExternalClassE75C11214BB742F7BBD9D7210E16F6E4">Because of the nature of the priority system, upperclassmen will be able to register first. However, the Math Department offers lecture-section combinations at a wide variety of times. If you find yourself shut out of your first choice, see if you can change other classes in your schedule and register for a different time. In particular, our evening sections (-050 and -051) have many seats available, and fit in with most students' schedules. Students shift in and out of courses all the time; check the system regularly to see if seats have become available. During the first two weeks of the semester Complete our form in order to receive Course Registration Help.</div>
A course looks open, but it doesn't let me in: reserved seats error.<div class="ExternalClassC7EA352E23AB44F58B08C02E6EBE5016">Certain courses, sections, or seats within sections are reserved for certain populations (often majors, but sometimes freshmen). Some of these notations are made in the registration booklet; others in the catalog. (These notations may also be seen from UDSIS by clicking on the course number when it's in your shopping cart.) Others don't appear anywhere. In many cases, these restrictions will be lifted after all registration appointments have been completed, or after New Student Orientation in July. Check back after that time to see if you can register. However, it is quite possible that these courses will fill quickly. So if you find yourself shut out of your first choice, see if you can change other classes in your schedule and register for a different time. Verify that your major is listed properly in UDSIS. In special circumstances (you are applying to a new major, you are the correct major but the system is locking you out, etc.), complete our Web form.</div>
I can't register for a course: prerequisite error.<div class="ExternalClass3238AF182BD8466990B086954D84C0E0">Carefully check the prerequisites, either by looking up the course online or checking the catalog. Carefully check your transcript under UDSIS to see if it shows that you have the necessary coursework. If you took the course at another institution, verify that the transfer-of-credit worked properly. If you need coursework from an institution evaluated, see our Transfer of Credit page. If you are trying to substitute a prerequisite (MATH 221 for MATH 241, etc.), you will need to use our Web form to complete the actual registration. In order to take MATH 241, you must either achieve the appropriate levels on the Math Placement Test or complete an online preparatory program. If you think that everything is in the system correctly but you still can't get in, complete our Web form.</div>
Do I need to register for a lecture as well as a discussion and/or lab? Which goes with which?<div class="ExternalClass15A7C8E7F89A420A85BED1C305AA9B3A">In classes with a lab, you register for the lab and it will automatically register you in the corresponding lecture and/or discussion. In classes with discussion only, you register for the discussion and it will automatically register you for the lecture (All classes have a lecture component). The easiest way to see what lab sections go with what lecture is to look at the registration booklet. Other places (like Courses Search) are much less clear. The coupling between components is mandatory for math courses. That is, you cannot "cherry-pick" the lecture and lab---you must pick the ones that go together in the registration booklet.</div>
I don't see all the class meeting times in my schedule.<div class="ExternalClassA7ECF8854B1F4666B118D71647CE1AB3">In list view, click on the section number. That will bring up a separate screen with all the meetings listed. Or switch to schedule view.</div>
Further Problems?<div class="ExternalClass99F33E0B5B9E4DAB90B47993DE769682">Complete our Web form. PLEASE DO NOT CALL! We cannot handle any registration requests over the phone.</div>

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Frequently Asked Questions
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