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Math 127

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Introduction: The information and materials presented here are intended to provide a description of the course goals for current and prospective students was well as others who are interested in our courses.  It is not intended to replace the instructional policies and course materials presented in class.

Every effort is made to update this information on a routine basis.  However, if you have questions about enrollment, course materials, and pre-requisite skills, please check with your adviser or instructor. 

This course is only offered on the Wilmington campus.  It is not offered on the Newark or other satellite campuses.

Course Description

Current Sections

Additional Course Description

Math 127 Mathematics and Quantitative Reasoning is designed to prepare students in non-technical majors for their college work, for their careers, and for the challenges of life in general.  Its goal is to help students discover mathematics can help you understand a variety of topics and issues, from social sciences to your personal financial business.  The course will provide some basic quantitative skills and strategies to analyze quantitative issues encountered in everyday life.   

You will have succeeded in this course if you have

  • strengthened your quantitative skills and restored your confidence in using them;
  • become aware of the relevance of mathematics to your lives and careers. Course Content:  The course topics range from logic to statistics with some minor variation from semester to semester.   
Tentative list of textbook topics
Recognizing Fallacies
Truth Tables
Sets and Venn Diagrams
Analyzing Arguments
Critical Thinking
Problem Solving Power of Units
Standardized Units
Problem Solving Guidelines
Uses and Abuses of Percentages
Putting Numbers in Perspective
Dealing with Uncertainty
Index Numbers
Taking Control of Your Finances
Power of Compounding
Savings Plans and Investments
Loan Payments
Fundamentals of Statistics
Should You Believe a Statistical Study?
Statistical Tables and Graphs
Graphics in the Media
Correlation and Causality
Characterizing Data
Measures of Variation
Normal Distribution
Fundamentals of Probability
Combining Probabilities
Law of Large Numbers
Assessing Risk
Counting and Probability


Additional topics may be added by instructors.

Required Math Placement Test Level: 

Additional Prerequisite Information:  Only high school algebra skills are needed.  

Textbook: The textbook typically used:   Using and Understanding Mathematics A Quantitative Reasoning Approach, by Bennett and Briggs, Addison Wesley publishers. .


Satellite Campus Information:  For more information, please contact Bill Boyer  <>

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Math 127
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